How Many Amps Does Winch Draw? All You Need To Know In 2023

The majority of 12000 lb winches have a 2 amp draw rating, which indicates the Winch can handle 2 amps of power before overheating and that you are aware of how many amps a 12000 lb winch draws.

But not all winches are created equal. Depending on the manufacturer, the weight ratings, and whether you are utilizing a 12-volt or 24-volt system, they can pull different amounts of amps.

 Never use batteries that are not rated for that usage, and always read the manufacturer’s specifications and user manuals for the specifics of your Winch. Winches have a large carrying capacity and can move things weighing up to 12000 lbs. 

The best of the winches have a particular trait, low amp draw. Your battery loses a lot of energy when you use the Winch. The Winch will use significantly less electricity if it has a low amp draw.

It means that they will draw a total of 2 amps when in operation; accordingly, some winches may draw up to 3 amps while others may only draw 1 amp, depending on the Type Of Winch and the amount it pulls.

Therefore, you might need to utilize a battery with a more excellent Amp rating to power your Winch depending on the weight of the object being hauled and the draw rating of your Winch.

Selecting the correct battery for your Winch is crucial since winches with more excellent amp ratings draw more electricity than those with lower amp ratings.

How To Control Winch Amps Draw?

There are a few techniques to manage your Winch’s amp draw.

1. Adjusting the cable tension:

If the amps draw excessively, loosen the cable; if it is low, tighten it.

2. Lubricating the Winch: 

Any moving components, such as gears or a motor producing friction, should be lubricated.

3. Adjusting the speed: 

To manage amp draw, increase or decrease the Winch’s speed.

4. Adjusting the gear ratio: 

To alter the speed of the cable, alter the gear ratio.

5. Changing wind conditions: 

The cable will move quickly and need more amps to start the motor if there is a strong breeze. The cable will travel slowly and need fewer amps to start the motor if there is little wind.

6. Adjusting the winch motor: 

If the motor is overheating or producing other issues, change it.

7. Adjusting winch brake settings: 

If the Winch is not operating correctly, adjust the brake settings.

8. Inspect and repair the Winch:

Check it out and make any necessary repairs if there are any issues.

9. Checking for damage:

To evaluate whether a replacement is required, search for any indications of damage, such as frayed wires or missing components.

How Many Amps Does A 12-volt Winch Pull?

Your Winch will demand a certain amount of amperage depending on how much weight it is on it and how long it is in use.

A standard 9,000-pound winch will consume 60–70 amps when there is no load (simply spooling in and out). It will draw roughly 250 amps at 4,000 pounds and almost 480 amps at 9,000 pounds.

Under a 4,000-pound strain, it will draw roughly 250 amps, and at 9,000 pounds, nearly 480 amps. Actual amp draws vary according to the Winch and the manufacturer and are often higher for less expensive wins.

 These are significant sums, but remember that a winch’s pulling strength is frequently transient. A brief tug will typically be sufficient to free a trapped car.

 A winch won’t draw much power for a long time except in conditions like pulling a dead vehicle up a steep hill or deep mud. If you sometimes want to use the Winch, we recommend upgrading the battery to a larger reserve capacity than stock and checking the alternator’s and battery’s overall condition. 

When performing the rare long Winch pulls, keep in mind to pause frequently.

How Multiple Amps Does An Electric Winch Use?

Although electric winches can use up to 150 to 200 amps, they are not left running for very long. At 12 volts, the typical Winch will draw up to 400 amps. So watch how quickly it gets heated and melts the motor when you add an 80 amp draw to it!

Winch amp-hours depend on voltage, winch size, and how frequently the Winch is used between charging times. You will consume 30 to 35 amp-hours daily if your system is 24 volts. 

You’ll need 50–55 amp-hours for a 12-volt system. Winches 66 pounds and larger require 50 to 55 amps at 24 volts.

How Many Amps Does A 4500 Lb Winch Draw?

A 4,500lb Super Winch will use 178 Amps at its rated load. Generally speaking, the 4500 lb. The ideal remedy is the Black Ops Winch. It would take a lot of effort to get into a situation that this Winch couldn’t help you out of.

 This size will fit practically any rider, whether hauling home a prize deer or digging yourself out of a hole.


  • Motor size: 12V, 1.3 HP
  • Length of wiring: 12′
  • Mounting bolt pattern: 3.0″ x 6.6″
  • Includes a wireless remote, a dash-mounted rocker switch, and a handlebar rocker switch.

How Much Current Does A 12000 Lb Winch Draw?

It’s important to remember that the stronger the draw, the thicker the wire, the better when selecting a wire size for your 12000lb winch.

Therefore, it is preferable to choose a wire thickness that will accommodate the weight and strength of your Winch while choosing wire size.

For 12000 lb Winches, standard wire sizes are 22AWG, 24AWG, and 26AWG. The best wire size is 24 AWG:

Factors Affecting AMPs Draw Rate:

  1. It is advised to contact the manufacturer if you are unsure how much power your Winch can consume.
  2. You can usually find the rating of many winches on the product page or in the instructions.
  3. Many winch manufacturers provide a free amp draw test to ascertain your unique requirements.
  4. Always check with your local physical body before utilizing a winch if you are pulling something that weighs more than 100 pounds.
  5. The amps draw rate depends on a variety of variables.

The amp’s draw rate may vary depending on several variables.

  •  type of battery 
  • size and weight 
  •  width and length of the cable 
  •  terrain or surface pulled
  •  Winch’s runner
  • How tightly the cable is 
  •  weather condition
  •  Winch lubricated

The Winch Draws Power When Not In Use:

Even when the Winch is unable to use, an internal problem with your winch motor could result in an electric draw. It is testable with a multimeter. As a winch pulls more brutally, it will draw more power regardless of size. 

After you’ve completed winching, re-spooling the rope needs nearly no more power than when the Winch operates at maximum efficiency.

Will a Winch Drain My Battery?

A winch is an excellent asset for work and leisure and can save your life in precarious circumstances. When power is involved, a winch necessitates some additional thought.

A winch won’t drain your battery when not in use. It could drain the battery if it pulls more amps than your battery. Installing a second battery should be considered if you intend to use your Winch frequently.

You’ve probably thought about getting a winch for your truck if you want it to be able to enter and exit difficult situations or save your pals. A winch is an excellent asset for work and leisure and can save your life in precarious circumstances. 

When power is involved, a winch necessitates some additional thought. A winch won’t drain your battery when not in use.

It could drain the battery if it pulls more amps than your battery. Installing a second battery should be considered if you intend to use your Winch frequently.

How Long Will My Winch Run on a Battery?

The Winch running in the ideal world shouldn’t affect your battery. Your car or truck will be moving while the Winch is in use. 

It prevents draining by continuously pumping electricity into the battery through the alternator. It’s not always optimal, though.

You will have one to two minutes of operating time on a fully charged battery if your alternator fails or you cannot run the motor while winching. 

The capacity, age, and condition of your battery, as well as the Winch’s amperage, will all affect this.

If the battery starts to drain even while you are not using the Winch, there is an issue that needs to be fixed immediately, either with the battery or the Winch. 

You must not only appropriately and frequently maintain and inspect your vehicle but also be aware of the requirements and limitations of the tools you employ.

How Many Amps Does A 3000 Lb Winch Draw?

This powerful 12-volt Winch has a commendable 3000 lb pulling capacity (1361 kg). It has a water-resistant contactor installed, which provides the amperage needed for greater pulling capacity. 

A unique wiring harness part of the Winch enables a speedy connection to the 12-V power source at the front of the GatorTM. You can acquire the rear wiring harness with a quick connection from Parts. 

The Winch incorporates a 10-foot line and a water-resistant remote for safe long-distance use. A four-way roller fairlead is also included to lessen pulling resistance and rope abrasion.

The Winch, receiver mounting plate, and front mount wiring are all included in the kit. It works with 1-1/4-in. Winches. Both a front and back receiver hitch.

3000-lb. Winch Kit:

Champion Power Equipment 13005, a 3000-lb. Including a mounting channel, a roller fairlead, and remote control, the ATV/UTV Winch Kit has everything you need to get started winching.

This Winch’s 1.3-horsepower (12-volt) DC permanent magnet motor can swiftly harness the power of its rated line draw of 3000 pounds by placing it on your ATV or side by side with the mounting channel.

Even when utilized in severely abrasive terrain, such as rocks, mud, or sand, the 46-foot by 3/16-inch galvanized, super-duty aircraft cable is less likely to shred. 

The 3000-lb. capacity of the Champion ATV/UTV Winch Kit rated line pull, a 153:1 gear reduction ratio, a mounting channel, and remote control make using this Winch even more straightforward. 

This Winch offers adequate pulling power whenever and wherever you need it, thanks to a strong 1.3-horsepower (12-volt) DC motor.

The ATV/UTV Winch Kit from Champion has a 3000-lb. rated line pull, a 153:1 gear reduction ratio, a mounting channel, and remote control to make this Winch more straightforward. 

This Winch offers adequate pulling power whenever and wherever you need it, thanks to a strong 1.3-horsepower (12-volt) DC motor.

What Are Winch Amps?

Depending on how complex the Winch is tugging, an amp is the amount of electrical current the Winch will need. 

The Winch often has a chart demonstrating the amp draw it will produce at progressively higher pull increments up to its maximum pull rating.

Amp Draw:

The power the Winch will need from the battery is called amp draw. The force that the Winch pulls the object determines how much current the amp draws. 

When you buy a winch, the manufacturer will provide you with a chart. It includes details on the amp draw that the Winch will produce up to the maximum pull rating at various increments. 

Most of the graphs display the first wrap value’s value. There will be a reduction in the pull generated at the amp. As the wraps on the drum mount, one on top of the other, leverage is lost.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What Size Battery Do I Need For A 2500 Lb Winch?

For reference, a battery with at least 650 cold cranking amps is advised to run the Bulldog Winch Powersports Series ATV Winch part # BDW15006, which has a 2,500 lb capacity.

2. What Size Breaker Do I Need For A Winch?

It is not advised to use a fuse or a circuit breaker. You can draw 400 amps with your Winch.

The maximum output of a single battery is 700 amps for a brief period. Nothing will be protected by a fuse or circuit breaker big enough to let your winch work.

3. Are Lithium Batteries Good For Winching?

Lithium batteries discharge at a lesser rate than conventional lead acid or AGM batteries, so you may operate your Winch for longer before the battery runs out if you’re looking to replace or upgrade your batteries for extra winching power.

4. Do You Need A Winch?

A winch is undoubtedly a handy gear when traveling overland. However, it is not required in any way; you can overcome challenges without one.

However, without one, things will be a little more complicated. However, retrieving vehicles without a winch is doable with the correct equipment and training.

5. What Is A Tension Winch?

For challenging tasks in challenging marine settings, constant tension winch systems are utilized.

The system establishes a continuous line-pull between the weight being lifted and the load.

A load sensor measures the line pull before the operation begins, and the central control system keeps track of it.

6. How Do Self-Tensioning Winches Work?

Compared to winches holding the lines on a brake, self-tensioning winches are made to automatically react to keep the ship alongside when it is rising and sink with the tide or cargo operations. As a result, they should require less monitoring and adjustment.


A 12000 lb winch may typically draw 2 amps every turn. Use one of the techniques above to tweak the Winch to see whether it consumes too much electricity.

If the issue continues, look for damage and make any necessary repairs. Finally, ensure the brake settings are always correct and in good working order.

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