How To Turn Off Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee? Eco Mode Problems In 2023

Knowing how to operate the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s environmental mode is possible. When driving, usually, the fuel economy mode will encourage fuel conversation.

By modifying the idle speed, interactive deceleration, fuel shut off, and in V8 engine versions, Fuel Saver cylinder deactivation, Eco Mode helps to increase fuel efficiency.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s ECO setting is a mode that enhances the transmission’s efficiency to achieve higher fuel economy. Downshifts occur later, while upshifts occur earlier.

The air suspension system is turned on, and the vehicle is lowered to the so-called “Aero Ride Height” when the mode is engaged.

Fuel Saver Technology has throttle sensitivity and can deactivate cylinders in V-8 versions. 

When coasting, fuel delivery is likewise reduced, and the engine’s idle speed is decreased. Usually activated as soon as the car is started, an eco mode can be turned off whenever you like.

You’ll find the button below the fan controls in the center of the instrument panel.

The Jeep Grand Cherokee has an eco mode, a technical addition that lowers fuel consumption and makes the car more environmentally friendly. The eco mode button is located below the control fans in the center of the 

Instrument Panel:

The eco mode technology decreases acceleration response by capping engine and transmission performance to promote fuel efficiency.

To enjoy enhanced vehicle performance, press the but the fuel efficiency of the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s eco mode modifies the transmission shift pattern, idle speed, and interactive deceleration fuel shut-off.

The features of Grand Cherokee models with V8 engines can deactivate the fuel-saving cylinders.

Even though turning on or off the environmental mode may seem straightforward, it can be difficult for first-time Jeep Grand Cherokee users. The fast methods to disable eco mode on a Jeep Grand Cherokee are as follows:

  •  Activate the Eco Mode Button
  •  Push the Eco Mode Button
  •   Locate the Eco Mode Button

Activate the Eco Mode Button

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a gas-guzzler that will break the bank. The Eco mode button can increase vehicle economy and fuel efficiency. Until the green light shows, press the button to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.

Push The Eco Mode Button:

When driving, an environment mode button shows a green light. Your jeep’s engine power and torque will be restricted by the feature of the wheels, preventing towing or lifting big weights.

Push The Eco Mode Button

To turn off the function, press the eco mode button until the amber light stops flashing.

To turn off the environmental mode on the Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can press the accelerator and clutch pedal together; It will open the throttle valve to allow fuel to enter the piston and enhance combustion.

Locate the Eco Mode Button

The Jeep Grand Cherokee dashboard has more control settings than comparable SUVs, setting it apart from the competition. Under the control of fans in the center of the instrument panel is the Eco mode button.

How Does Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee Work?

A 24.6-gallon fuel tank and a 3.6L V6 engine-speed automatic transmission are standard equipment on a Jeep Grand Cherokee. Due to these engine characteristics, the car uses a lot of fuel while moving.

But the Jeep Grand Cherokee’s adoption of an eco mode made the vehicle more fuel-efficient. The feature enhances engine and transmission performance to aid fuel efficiency while driving.

Since they cooperate to increase vehicle efficiency, the eco mode impacts engine performance. When you stop the automobile at a stop sign, it may turn off the engine. You must depress the accelerator and clench the pedal together to restart it.

When the car is in eco-mode, the throttle valve closes to stop fuel from entering the piston. Therefore the engine will never start. Your Jeep Grand Cherokee will pause if there is no combustion.

The throttle valve is opened by restarting the engine, which improves combustion by allowing fuel to enter the piston. The fuel-saving in the Jeep Grand Cherokee, the eco mode shrinks the diameter of the throttle valve.

The brightness of the car will also decrease when the eco mode is engaged. Fuel savings and increased vehicle performance are the goals of these operational modifications. Keep in mind that there is no danger when the eco mode is off on your Jeep Grand Cherokee.

Can I Turn off Eco Mode On Grand Cherokee While Driving?

The DISP button on the steering wheel will disable the eco-driving indicators on various other car models. As you can see, it’s easy to switch off your eco-driving sign.

Every driver’s car should have an environmental mode. It’s unquestionably an excellent method to save money and fuel. Nice and simple! By maintaining your car in this state, you increase its durability.

You already know what eco means on a car and that the reckless use of this mode can damage your vehicle, but as long as you keep to the driving conditions of when to use eco mode, your vehicle shouldn’t develop any problem driving on this mode. Instead, you are sure to have a very high gas mileage.

While operating a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you can disable the eco mode. But it is not advised since you could raise your chance of traffic collision.

The use of hands is essential for changing the fuel efficiency mode and changing the settings for the car’s controls. So, maintaining attention on the road while adjusting the eco mode will be difficult.

Before navigating to the dashboard control settings to deactivate the environmental mode, we advise parking the car carefully. Risks of road carnage will be decreased.

Press the clutch and accelerator pedals firmly together if you want to disable the environmental mode while driving. It will shut off the throttle valve and stop fuel from entering the piston.

Does Eco Mode On Jeep Grand Cherokee Save Gas?

Many individuals believe that by changing your driving habits, you can achieve the same effects as Eco Mode. While accelerating more slowly and limiting your top speeds will undoubtedly improve your gas mileage, Eco Mode will enable you to achieve even greater fuel efficiency.

There’s no denying that Eco Mode increases your fuel economy, even if each manufacturer varies the precise amount of fuel saved by using Eco Mode.

However, it would be beneficial if you understood that Eco Mode wouldn’t instantly transform your automobiles from 20 MPG monster to a 45 MPG hybrid.

Eco Mode only improves your fuel economy by about 5%.

In reality, Eco Mode only boosts your fuel economy by around five percent. So, if you spend $200 at the pump, you can anticipate savings of $10 every month. Yes, it works; no, there are no appreciable cost reductions.

And finally, you’ll probably save even more money at the pump if you drive in a style that uses too much petrol.

It is because driving more sustainably can reduce your fuel usage by up to 24 percent, and Eco Mode can help you become more conscious of your driving habits. You’re also more likely than other drivers to perceive the performance difference more clearly.

Your Jeep Grand Cherokee will be more fuel-efficient while driving if you press the eco mode button. For controlling the fuel input into the piston, the technology decreases the diameter of the throttle valve.

Low fuel combustion encourages fuel economy and improved vehicle performance. However, turning on environmental mode can lessen your jeep Grand Cherokee’s ability to tow or lift bulky items.

Additionally, vehicles with automatic transmissions can use eco mode. This fuel economy mode technology will not function for you if your Jeep Grand Cherokee has a stuck gearbox. Long-term, the car will use more fuel and drain your bank account.

Will Eco Mode Hurt My Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine?

No, Eco Mode won’t harm the engine of your Grand Cherokee Jeep. Driving in Eco Mode may result in some performance loss, but you don’t need to worry about it when you do it all the time. There won’t be any engine damage, increased maintenance costs, or new issues.

 The manufacturer precisely engineers vehicles with Eco Mode to work out right when turned on.

You don’t need to be concerned about anything misfiring and harming the automobile because all electronics change following the new engine and transmission outputs.

It’s advised to always drive in Eco Mode unless you’re in a circumstance when you need that extra power and responsiveness!

Will Eco Mode Hurt My Jeep Grand Cherokee Engine?

Vehicle efficiency and fuel economy are made possible via eco mode. However, this technology is overly kind to the transmissions and could harm the engine of your Grand Cherokee.

Engine life service will be short if you often operate your Grand Cherokee in eco mode. Therefore, we advise turning on environment mode when driving in congested areas.

The activation will increase the transmission’s lifespan and aid in fuel conservation. The car will be more capable of hauling and towing if the eco mode is disengaged.

Deactivate the eco mode on the Jeep Grand Cherokee if you have the money to do so and enjoy the superior performance and engine power or torque.

Does Eco Mode Hurt The Engine?

There may be some performance loss when driving in Eco Mode, but as long as you regularly use it, you shouldn’t be concerned. There won’t be any additional problems, maintenance expenditures, or engine damage.

Your automatic transmission has been modified to operate more gently in eco mode. The engine’s burden is decreased by upshifting earlier than usual. As a result, the engine is unable to increase its RPMs naturally.

Eco mode enables, nevertheless, is extremely kind with the transmission and might damage the Grand Cherokee’s engine. If you frequently drive your Grand Cherokee in eco mode, the engine of the Grand Cherokeelifespan will be lower.

Does Eco Mode Hurt The Engine?

Consequently, we suggest using environment mode when driving in congested regions. The activation will lengthen the lifespan of the transmission and promote fuel economy.

If the environmental mode is disabled, the vehicle’s hauling, and towing capacities will increase.

If you have the money to do so, turn off the eco mode on the Jeep Grand 

Cherokee to take advantage of the improved performance and engine power or torque.

Frequently Asked Question:

1. What is the Eco button on Jeep Grand Cherokee?

ECO Mode. By modifying the gearbox shift pattern, idle speed, and interactive deceleration fuel shut-off, Eco Mode helps to increase fuel efficiency. Eco Mode also modifies Fuel Saver cylinder deactivation in vehicles with V8 engines.

2. How do I know if ECO mode is on?

An active eco mode is a characteristic that significantly contributes to the high gas mileage of Kia or Hyundai vehicles. The engine and transaxle are in charge in this mode.

When the driver clicks the eco button, the car immediately enters economic mode and displays a green light.

3. When should you use Eco mode?

Whenever you wish to save more fuel, use the Eco button. Using Eco mode can assist your automobile in automatically behaving in ways that will enhance fuel efficiency, whether a lengthy trip or just a short one for daily chores.

4. Does Eco mode affect AC?

This setting helps reduce the pressure in the condenser because the environmental mode operates your AC compressor more slowly.

The motor uses less energy to run your AC system because of this. As a result, adopting the eco mode will result in less cooling capacity but significantly more efficiency.


The Jeep Grand Cherokee’s eco mode feature promotes efficiency and fuel savings. But the feature can shorten your transmission service life and harm your driving style.

Your Grand Cherokee will use less fuel if you drive it roughly. The best course of action is to drive slowly at a low speed without being abrupt because it helps conserve more power.


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