How To Unlock Jeep Compass With Keys Inside? Different Ways In 2023

Millions of motorists do this every year. A spare key is one of the quick backup options in an emergency, but if you don’t have any spare key or are far away from your house, you should be aware of these techniques.

The locking mechanisms on different types of cars have a relatively wide range of locking systems.

 All more recent models feature power locks that will be open with remote controls. However, earlier vehicles only have manual safeties.

Additionally, the locking knob can be found in cars on the inner top of the door by the window and in others by the handle.

So, without a key, how would you open your automobile door? These solutions will allow you to regain entry if you become locked out.

There are many methods to unlock the car if you get locked out, calling a locksmith, Use Your Shoelace, Call AAA, Using a Strip of Plastic, Using a Rod & Screwdriver.

5 Best Methods To Unlock The Car:

1. Use Your Shoelace:

Only locking systems that unlock by pulling up are compatible with this technique. It would help if you created a tiny loop in the centre of the shoelace that can be wrapped tightly around the locking mechanism to the vehicle lock.

By inserting the string through the gap between the door and the exterior of the automobile, you may then hook it around the coil, tighten the loop, and pull the rope up.

It might take more than one try if you are not a pro, but it should still work.

2. Use A Strip Of Plastic:

It consists of a long plastic strap bent in half and pushed through the door’s crack. Wedge pieces made of plastic would also work.

Use A Strip Of Plastic TO unlock the car

This technique works for pull-up locks and any interior locking device that can start with a stick, rod, or access tool.

3. Use A Rod & Screwdriver:

Pry the door with the screwdriver, insert the rod, and activate the unlock button. Remember that it could harm your car’s interior and exterior, so be careful.

4. Just Call AAA:

Getting some assistance is perfectly acceptable if everything else fails. Probably the most well-known car assistance company in the country is AAA.

Just Call AAA TO Unlock The Car

If you already subscribe to the service, you can contact and arrange to have someone assist you within 30 minutes.

Even if you don’t currently have the service, you may still call, sign up, and have someone come to your car the same day.

5. Calling A Locksmith:

Depending on the style of the door and the locks installed inside it, locksmiths carry a unique collection of tools, such as drills, screwdrivers, and lock picks.

Locksmiths can unblock doors in two different ways:

  1. Destructive entrance
  2. Non-Destructive entrance

The best option is always non-destructive access, which entails opening the doors without causing damage to the locks or doors.

Calling a locksmith TO Unlock The Car

Lock picking, using mortice decoders, and bypassing the lock are methods and tools. When all other non-destructive have failed, and the door and lock are tough to open, destructive entry is the last option.

How To Unlock A Jeep Compass With Keys Inside?

A good day can quickly turn sour if you misplace your car keys. But which situation is worse: inadvertently locking your keys inside your car and being unable to get them out?

Depending on the jeep model, several approaches will work better than others, but I’ll give you a few tips to assist you in finding your keys.

You can attempt to enter your Jeep using several techniques. These options include connecting your car to Uconnect, selecting the “unlock” button in the App, or prying open the door using a Slim Jim tool.

Finding a crack in the soft-top roof or forcing entry through the door or trunk are two ways to attempt to enter a locked jeep.

Don’t call the dealership immediately if you have managed to lock your keys inside your Jeep. Try one of these approaches before you directly contact for assistance.

4 Best Ways To Unlock A Jeep Compass:

1. Use An Access Airbag:

Use an easy-access airbag tool if you are concerned about damaging something with a screwdriver, hammer, or another device. These tools, also called “Slim Jims,” are offered by businesses like Access Tools and Pro-Lock.

Insert the deflated bag into the door jam, then inflate the bladder until the door opens wide enough for you to insert the extended reach tool. It will unlock your door.

When the door is open, and the tool is inserted, carefully move it about and attempt to unlock the door lock. You can now open the door if you deflate the airbag’s bladder.

2. Get In Through The Roof:

You might be able to unlock the door through the roof of your Jeep if it has a Soft Top. Extend your arm and open the door by carefully circling the soft top’s seam until you locate a gap.

3. Use An Auto Jiggler Key:

Auto Jigglers, a unique kind of key, can open a variety of automobiles, including Jeeps.

Keep in mind that it serves no purpose to keep your Auto Jiggler on your car key chain; instead, store them separately and in a location where you can find them quickly.

With an Auto Jiggler key, you only need to insert it into the lock and shake it to unlock a Jeep. The lock should activate quickly, following the door to open. Just move the key in all directions.

4. Smash The Window:

Smashing the window should be your very last option. You might have to think about causing damage to your automobile to get the keys out if none of the options mentioned above has worked, and you cannot contact a locksmith at your dealership or even 911.

But even if you succeed in breaking the window and getting the keys, you’ll drive home with a shattered window and run the risk of getting hurt by flying glass.

Why Did My Jeep Lock With The Keys Inside?

 The doors might lock even if the key fob is inside if you push the lock button while the battery is nearly dead.

If the essential fob battery is sufficiently charged, the doors won’t lock until the key fob is removed from the car’s interior.

Why Did My Jeep Lock With The Keys Inside?

 Luckily, the push to start technology makes it more difficult to lock your keys inside your automobile. Locking your keys in your car is a common mistake for owners of older jeep compasses.

Let’s examine your possibilities for returning to your vehicle. Although some of these methods to enter your jeep compass may not be the best, they could be your only choice, depending on the situation.

 4 Ways To Get Into Your Jeep:

1. Tennis Ball:

Occasionally a tennis ball will unlock your car door. You must first make a tiny circular hole in a tennis ball. Push the tennis ball through the door keyhole after pressing the spot.

The tennis ball’s pressure will exert sufficient suction to depress the unlock button. Although not all Jeep compass will benefit from this option, it is still worth a shot.

2. Hammer:

A hammer can harm the master lock of the car lock if you don’t have a screwdriver or a hanger.

Although it can damage the master lock, this may be your only choice to remove the door lock and tap on it repeatedly. Unscrew the door panel to see inside the door.

3. Break The Window:

If none of these work, your only choice might be to smash a window and gain entry to your jeep compass. As it will harm your car, this should only be a final resort.

Get Into Your Jeep by using Break The Window

To begin, break the glass with a rock or other object. You can reach inside and unlock the door once the glass has been cracked.

4. Trunk Access:

You can access the trunk of the car. You would need a slender rod or a clothes hanger for this. There will be a license plate cover that needs to be taken off underneath the trunk.

You can then attempt to use the rod or clothes hanger to reach the trunk latch since this procedure isn’t simple and requires patience.

 Frequently Asked Question:

1. Who Can I Call To Unlock My Car Door For Free?

Contact a locksmith. One advantage of being a member of AAA is the free lockout service.

You can also make a direct phone call to a locksmith; some will handle car lockouts, but you’ll have to pay them directly.

There are other options if you don’t belong to AAA and prefer not to hire a locksmith.

2. How Much Does It Cost To Unlock A Car?

According to, the price for a locksmith to unlock a car runs from $50 to $250. Using towing services or going to a car dealer can be pricey.

3. How Do You Unlock A Car Door With A Bobby Pin?

Insert the pin’s flat end into the top of the lock, then bend it. Stick the pin about 0.39 centimetres (0.10 in),

Then fold the remaining bobby pin to flush with the doorknob’s face. The result will be an angled tip. The lock pin disengage is used to bend pins.

4. Is There An App To Unlock Your Car?

You can also use the myChevrolet App to unlock your car keys in an emergency.

By turning your mobile device into a temporary remote key fob with the help of a mobile command centre, you may remotely start, stop, lock, unlock, and even sound your car’s horn. Install the myChevrolet App on an Android or Apple device.


Whether you are stranded on the side of the road, in a parking lot, or at home, being locked out of your automobile is distressing, especially if you need to be somewhere!

You require rapid, competent assistance from employees who are also honest and reliable.

A can make your lockout as simple as possible by using its cutting-edge system to match consumers who need lockout service with approved and tested lockout service providers.

It’s a terrific service to keep in mind for other times when you need roadside assistance.


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