Who Makes Westin Winches? Buy The Best One In 2023

I am confident you now see by today once it derives to off-roading, a winch is a must-have device. This device will assist you in buying yourself and your vehicle from any tacky state.

In the winch business, Westin is a name of your canister faith. However, I have researched a lot and Westin winch appraisal article, I am successful in evaluating the topmost 3 winches from Westin.

About The Brand – Westin Winch:

Westin is a trustable name in the motorized business. They have been industrial automotive goods for close to 40 years today. Their harvests are verified, intended, and caused in California, USA.

Westin is a mother company of makers such as Fey®, which makes bumpers; Brute™, which makes clip toolboxes; and of sequence, Super winch, which produces winches that are of military-grade.

Though the winches converted now are not under the Super winch make the name, they are immobile industrial with the peak military mark material. That is why their goods come with a larger builder guarantee.

Most Powerful: Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S Waterproof Winch:

The initial winch I will evaluate is the Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S, which takes a valued size of 12,500 lbs. This specific element claims a water-resistant score of IP67.

Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S Waterproof Winch

This means that it can bear existence flooded to a positive complexity of water earlier than any electrical machinery becomes hurt.

Yet, it is not prudent that you go underwater with your winches in water, you be able to be guaranteed that this winch is as practical in the stream as it is in wide daytime.

Composed in the box are a corded distant supervisor, a fairlead, a clevis hanger, and a clevis pennant. It is prepared with a powerful 6.6 HP succession coiled motor that turns on a 12V battery.

The artificial rope on this perfect does not bend nor fight. Its superficiality is also covered with singular UV inhibitors for additional defense.

However, The Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S winch motorized mechanisms are all supported by 3 year of guarantee.


  • Derives by a huge burden volume of 12500 lbs.
  • Topographies in height excellence insubstantial artificial ropes.
  • IP67 grade significance that this winch is dwindling from water.
  • Has both artificial rope/steel chain forms.


  • Uncertain orders on connection and process.

Why we Recommend Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S Waterproof Winch

Westin 47-2109 Off-Road 12.5S Waterproof Winch is a great winch. I have used it on my truck and it works well. I hope if you do work with these winches you will be glad to do more work with this winch!

Value for Money: Westin Automotive Products 47-2203:

Since Westin brings a military rating apparatus that guarantees height and strength, it is rather amazing that their values are not essentially cooperating with your economy. A similar is factual for the Westin 47-2203 Off-Road 9.5 winch.

Westin Automotive Products 47-2203

This model structures the same undisputable roughness and durability current in other Westin goods.

It takes an IP67 water-resistant grade. With its 6.6 HP 12V motor, it can switch masses up and about to 9,500 lbs. in a sole line yank.

It is prepared with a corded distant organizer, a fairlead, a clevis hanger, and a clevis pennon. This part is also supported using three years of service contract on all automatic parts.


  • 9500 lbs. dragging size.
  • Influential 6.6hp 12V sequence coiled motor
  • 3-stage global kit system
  • Reflex In-the-drum footbrake
  • Supported isolated


  • No artificial rope form

Why We Recommend Westin 47-2103 Black Off-Road 9.5 Waterproof Winch

This winch is a great value for the money. It’s waterproof and has a 9,500 lb. capacity, which is more than enough for most applications.

Best For ATV & UTV: Westin 47-1235 PRO-3500 ATV & UTV Winch:

This next item does not assert the similar control as the two choices before debated, it does originate with positively single structures of its individual.

The Westin 47-1235 PRO-3500 ATV/UTV winch is whole out-of-the-box equipment. It derives with two sapling shaft guards, two ½ in. D-shackles, an equipment bag, and a 2 ½ in snatch block.

Westin 47-1235 PRO-3500 ATV & UTV Winch

Dissimilar to the extra two winches, this is not predestined for full-sized automobiles.

But, similar to the two other winches, it is also caused to endure rough states an ATV or a UTV can become into.

This has an all-out burden size of 3,500 lbs. driven by a lasting electromagnet DC 12V motor-powered.

It has a variance global kit sleeper, a 32.8 feet long shackle that is 7/32 in. in length, a winch platter, and a wave fairlead.

Similar to the other two Westin winches, this component hails from a three-year guarantee on the powered portions. It is also supported by a one-year guarantee on electrical parts.


  • 3500 lbs. bulk, picture-perfect for ATV/UTV
  • 2.8 ft. Toughen chain
  • Affordable price
  • 4 HP motor-powered


  • No artificial cable choice.

Why we Recommend Westin 47-1235 PRO-3500 ATV & UTV Winch:

This winch is great for the price. It has a lot of features for the price point. This winch can handle any situation! I’ve used it to pull my ATV out of some tough spots, and it never fails to deliver.

Are All Winch Mounts The Same?

When you are looking to buy a winch mount, there are a few things you need to consider. The first is, are all winch mounts the same? The answer is no. There are different types of winch mounts available, and each one has its own set of benefits and drawbacks.

The second thing you need to consider is what type of vehicle you have. There are different mounts available for different types of vehicles, so make sure you get the right one for your car or truck.

Finally, you need to think about how much money you want to spend on your winch mount. There are a variety of options available, so you can find one that fits your budget.

Where Are Westin Winches Made?

Westin winches are manufactured all around the world. There is a manufacturing plant in the United States, as well as plants in Europe and Asia. This allows Westin to have a global reach and provide its products to customers all over the world.

Manufacturing plants are located in strategic areas so that Westin can be close to its customers and provide them with quality products and services.

Concluding Decision On Westin Winch Evaluation

Westin has been making self-propelled goods for a very extended time. Their winches are extremely reliable, unpaid to their reliability and strength. Their armed rating built-up is able to be important to deliver excellent winching processes once you want it.

I justly studied three of their winches now and as long as you with cooperative material about them.

If you are watching for a winch, whether you are a skilled off-roader observing for standby or a learner who needs the finest winch possible – before I can positively propose these Westin winches. They deliver high-quality winches that are astonishingly priced.

You are not pleased with these winches; at that time, you will be able to read my keen appraisal of other winch makes. You drive with confidence and catch one that will effortlessly see your prospects.

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